Notice from P.A.D.S. 11.5.20

Further to the Govt's latest update we will continue to stay in lockdown, This will be reviewed again w/c 7.4.2020.

Notice From P.A.D.S. - 16.4.20

Further to the Govt update on Covid 19 today, we are still in a lockdown situation for a further 3 weeks. This will be reviewed on the 7.5.20.

Notice from Puppy And Dog School 18.3.2020

After careful consideration and taking into account the information provided by the Government / NHS England in relation to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), Annette. Sue and Linda have decided to suspend Dog School until Friday/Saturday 17/18 April 2020, and re-evaluate the situation as it progresses.

We apologise to all our clients and their furry friends for the inconvenience, but hope you will all understand that the Health & Safety of our pupils and our trainers are paramount at this time.

Annette, Sue and Linda